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The Saint Land


The heart of the Mayan world is a magical location where one can film. Guatemala is known for its everlasting implausible Spring weather and the enormous stretch of volcanos and 100 thousand square miles of ecosystems, including beautiful fog wood and mountain sides, exotic black sand beaches, and picturesque white sand coast lines.

A country that provides eternal spring, you can experience six months of a perfect summer sky and for the other six months a romantic autumn combined with winter feeling. All this makes the saint land, the perfect destination for your shooting.

Other saintly lands

If you’re in need of or are thinking in shooting your project in Central America, our production company can give support outside of Guatemala, like El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Belize.

Let yourself be delighted in finding the mystery of these homelands and don’t over think it, go contact and drop us a line…

© Background by Hazzaffie Photographer